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Friday, July 15, 2016

DayGlo Introduces Ezentus Pigments

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Day-Glo Color Corp. Introduces, Clean, Bright, Non-Formaldehyde Colors for Olefins, EVA Foams, Flexible PVC, Plastisol Inks and Other Demanding Applications.

Cleveland, OH (June 27th, 2016) – Today businesses and consumers alike are increasing their demands for safer chemicals in everyday products. DayGlo Color, a global leader in the color industry has unveiled Ezentus, a new and innovative formaldehyde free pigment meant to satisfy those demands. Unlike some fluorescent pigments, Ezentus pigments are based on new revolutionary polymer technology that is free of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.  Ezentus pigments are migration free, have improved thermal stability and superior lightfastness compared to older formaldehyde based pigments. DayGlo continues to bring innovative and safe fluorescent pigment choices that deliver uncompromising performance accompanied by the same DayGlo brightness users have trusted for over seventy years.  

The Ezentus pigments are currently available in four colors: 

EZ-11 Aurora Pink

EZ-15 Blaze Orange

EZ-17 Saturn Yellow

EZ-21 Corona Magenta


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