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Friday, January 07, 2011

The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Magenta

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DayGlo’s Brand Action Team highlight color trends for 2011

Cleveland, OH (January 7, 2011) – When you think ‘color’, your thoughts may turn to inks or children’s toys, but start looking for bright shades in the food aisle of your local supermarket next year; and though blue may be the world’s most popular color, the one to watch for 2011 is actually Magenta. Color trends are on the change, according to DayGlo Color Corp.’s Brand Action Team (/world_of_color/brand_action_team), which uses its experience in dyes, pigments and inks to companies gain recognition and traction for their products and build strong, lasting brand identities through color.

Looking at customer purchases and orders in 2010, the DayGlo Team has picked up on some interesting trends in terms of color usage.

• Magenta is the next ‘it’ color. DayGlo’s Magenta shades are some of their best selling, and the popularity only seems to grow. From cosmetics – where Magentas offer exceptional iridescence, to print media – where they stand out against almost any other shade, DayGlo says that Magenta is the one to watch.

• Fluorescents in the food aisle. DayGlo’s recent announcement of new palettes that meet FDA standards for direct food contact allows brands to introduce new products or refresh packaging formats with colors that are safe for food and beverage contact. Expect to see both vibrant and subtle colors in food packaging at the local supermarket as DayGlo’s GloPrill® and Gem-Tone™ palettes enable brand owners to achieve the product demand and differentiation they need to succeed.

When asked about their personal favorite colors for 2010, however, the Team was less unified!

• Kevin Sonby, Vice President of Sales & Marketing: “I’m a huge fan of electric purple!”
• Chris Newbacher, Business Unit Manager Plastics & Dyes: “It has to be Corona Magenta.”
• Wayne Likavec, New Product Development and Quality Control Manager: “Saturn Yellow – it’s the most eye catching when paired with a black background and epitomizes the fluorescent effect.”
• Tom DiPietro, Vice President of Research & Development: “Oceanic Teal from our Gemini line – it’s a very attractive blue with an added shine.”

Composed of DayGlo marketing, business development and technical experts, the Brand Action Team offers considerable experience in helping From concept to production, designers and brand owners can work with the Team in the creation and development of products, packaging, and media platforms to ensure color consistency, which is paramount to building brands and, ultimately, driving sales.


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Cleveland-based DayGlo Color Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of RPM, Inc., is a global leader in the color industry offering a diverse product line and customized color solutions for packaging and consumer goods, plastics, graphic arts, paints and coatings, dyes and textiles, as well as ingredients for the personal care and cosmetics industries. As the originator, and world’s largest manufacturer, of daylight fluorescent color, DayGlo also develops conventional color dispersions and specialty effects pigments. DayGlo’s diverse range of products can be used alone or combined with conventional colors help achieve cleaner, brighter, more sophisticated colors. With DayGlo it’s Color. Only Better.


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