Zoku Runner ULTK DAY-GLO

Be bold. Stand out.


Don’t just sneak by. Stand out from the crowd. With the new Reebok ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO, you’ll have people doing double takes in no time. Reebok meets DayGlo Color in a neon take on the classic ZOKU RUNNER lifestyle shoe.

Staying true to the name, the ZOKU RUNNER ULTK DAY-GLO features sock-like ULTRAKNIT upper and DMX foam for superior cushioning, but with one noticeable difference: DayGlo Ezentus “EZ™ ” formaldehyde-free pigment. Fueled by three of THE original DAY-GLO® colors, Aurora Pink®, Blaze Orange™, and Saturn Yellow®, these kicks brighten each step for a better, bolder you.

With DayGlo, It’s Color. Only Better.™

Breaking Down EzentusTM

Meeting the demand to provide a safer colorant alternative for businesses and consumers alike, DayGlo Color Corp. created Ezentus™, a new and innovative formaldehyde-free pigment.

Unlike some fluorescent pigments, Ezentus™ is based on new cutting-edge polymer technology for a final product that’s free of formaldehyde and other potentially harmful chemicals. Known simply as “EZ™,” these pigments are migration free, with improved thermal stability and superior lightfastness compared to older formaldehyde-based pigments.

DayGlo Color leads the fight in bringing innovative and safe fluorescent pigment choices with the same performance and brightness users have trusted for over seventy years.

Our Story

DayGlo Color Chapter 1

Bob Switzer, a pre-med student at the University of California, spent the summer of 1933 working at a tomato quality control laboratory in Berkeley, California, until an accident occurred. Spending the next few months in a darkened room to recover, Bob and his brother Joe began playing with fluorescence under black light and discovered a shared new passion. In 1934, the Switzer Brothers founded the Fluor-S-Art Co. to continue to develop their paints for advertising displays. Eventually their search for new applications of their fluorescent paints led them to Cleveland, Ohio, to partner with Continental Lithograph, a subsidiary of Warner Brothers Pictures.

DayGlo Color Chapter 3

Dedicating hours of research and funding to improve their pigments, DayGlo Color Corp. pushed itself to the top as a leader in fluorescent materials. As consumer health and safety concerns increased, a team of DayGlo scientist searched for a way to remove formaldehyde from the manufacturing process. With the creation of Ezentus™, known simply as “EZ™” DayGlo Color could offer shoe and clothing industries with a formaldehyde-free pigment without sacrificing style and creativity. Teaming up with Reebok and our Ezentus™ pigment, the brightly colored Reebok ZOKU RUNNER was born.