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Glowing, radiant, luminous. That’s color from DayGlo.

From vibrant fluorescent, to heat reactive colors, to glow-in-the-dark inks, we create fresh and exciting color effects that engage, inspire, and motivate.


Regardless of fashion or trends, DayGlo is always your partner of choice because we improve and enhance any color

DayGlo’s unique dyes, pigments, colorants and dispersions are the best way to build your brand identity and enhance your products’ shelf appeal. That’s why brands and designers the world over specify DayGlo’s differentiated, value-adding color solutions for their products.

Take a journey through DayGlo’s color effects and discover for yourself how we can make your color better.

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Fluorescent Effects

DayGlo’s fluorescents offer fresh, bright alternatives for designers and brand owners to create inspiring designs and products.

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Conventional Color Effects

DayGlo’s high-strength conventional color dispersions can make any statement you like about your brand – from the very bold to the very subtle.

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Glow-in-the Dark and Invisible Effects

Ensure your designs always stand out – even when it’s dark – with our NightGlo and Phantom pigments.


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